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i - PUMP


Model: GX-08-14

  • Specially designed automatic ultra-fine automization spraying pump which can work as a supporting equipment for the following Chaoyoda products:

  • i-Robots.
  • i-Shaft Stage 1 or i-Shaft Stage 2.
  • i-Blade / i-Whip.
  • Semi-Automatic Cleaning Robot and Micro Unit.

Technical Data and Standard Configuration:

  • Dimensions: 380mm (L) X 250mm (W) X 220mm (H)
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Operating Voltage: 220V ac/50hz
  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Maximum Suction Distance: 5m
  • Maximum flow: 1.8L/min
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