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This section addresses the issues of air duct cleaning for the industrial sector. It includes standard, electronic, food processing, flour mills, pharmaceutical and textile factories, among many others.In view of the varieties of the industries, we will try to explain the different handling methods in the following orders:

  • Standard Factories

This would cover machine workshop, garments, equipment assembly, general assembly line, etc. The HVAC system in these premises would be in essence the same as those used in Mega-sized shopping complexes or Hypermarkets. Please see here for the cleaning method.

  • Textile and Chemical Fibre Factory

You can visualize how it is like when you walk into a textile and chemical fibre factory.no matter how clean the premises are being kept, minute fragments of cotton and chemical fibre will be flying here and there. Regular cleaning equipment such as brushes or flexible shaft will be paralyzed by these minute fragments and rendered useless. The only way to clean these would be to use the i-Blade / Whip (2-in-1) or Modular Type Pulse Air Hammer and Air Whip Robot in conjunction with i-Collect I .

Electronics Factories
  • Electronics Factories

Ductings in these premises is similar to that of a standard factory but the cleaning method is entirely different. A lot of soldering takes place in an electronics factory. Rosin flux is a chemical used to facilitate soldering. During the process of soldering, part of the rosin flux will be vaporized and condensate on the interior of the air duct.

Rosin is flammable and if accumulated excessively which would pose a safety hazard. In the past, owner of the factory would arrange these ductings to be dismantled and cleaned/replaced on a periodic basis. This is both time consuming and costly.

Look how Chaoyoda solved the problem in a smart way: Use the Modular Type Video Sampling and Shoveling Robotto loosen the rosin precipitated on the interior floor of the air duct, subsequently use the Modular Type Dust Absorption Robot to extract all the loosened rosin.

Use the Standard Automatic Cleaning Robot or Large Scale Cleaning Robot to loosen the rosin attached on the interior surfaces of the air duct, subsequently use the Modular Type Dust Absorption Robot to extract all the loosened rosin.

  • Food Processing / Flour Mills / Pharmaceutical Factories

These industries have rigid requirements for indoor air quality and hence high efficiency filters are almost always a standard provision in these premises. As a result of this, there would be less dust accumulated in the air duct but they would impose stricter requirements on the level of cleanliness.

Further, it is common (at least in China) for them to have raw materials transferred within the premises through pipes, and these pipes will need to be cleaned after each conveyancing.

For air ducts use Modular Type Pulse Air Hammer and Air Whip Robot in conjunction with i-Collect I by way of “Raised Dust Absorption Method”.

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