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Model: JX150

Many municipal systems were installed decades ago and have been overlooked until recently, as pipeline ruptures and leakage have increased and are becoming a problem in everyday life.

Finding the right solutions to manage these problems can be difficult, since the majority of these pipelines are complex, and were built without redundancy and regular access points. This makes inspection that determines the structural condition of a pipeline more difficult, leaving many operators with no choice but to operate these pipes until they fail.

While this operate-to-fail approach has been generally adopted in the past, it is no longer viable for a modern society like now. In view of this, Chaoyoda has come up with a Pipeline CCTV Inspection Robot - JX150 that can handle the following tasks:

  • Investigating unexplained flow conditions;
  • Searching for illegal connections;
  • Locating and assessing tuberculation of all types;
  • Visually inspecting pipe walls and liners;
  • Examining the condition of suspect valves;
  • Screening for obstacles before using further means such as thermal imaging, sonar, mechanical arm, root cutter, toxic sensors and etc;
  • Assessing internal corrosion on metallic pipes;
  • Inspecting pipes near a known leak to help plan repairs.

Technical Data:

  • Working Temperature: 0~80° Celsius
  • Diameter of Pipes to be inspected: 150 mm to 1000 mm
  • Operating Range: 0~120 m and can be extended to 1,000 m as required
  • Water Penetration Grading: IP68 (Top of Chinese National Grading), water resistant not less than 1 bar
  • Motorized Power: 150W
  • Travelling Speed: 0~15 m per minute / continuous variable transmission
  • PWH Speed Adjustment: 64 steps forward/reverse
  • Manual integrated cable tray, with a standard length of cable 120 m provided which can be extended to 1,000 m as required. Equipped with a sophisticated electronic cable length counter (accurate to within +/- 0.1 m). Cable is made of Kelvar fibre material which has a guaranteed minimum strength of 250 kg per force and is designed with a life expectancy of 100,000 times number of bends.
  • Front CCD color video camera for high resolution images.
    1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD II,
    Color CCD with a resolution better than 550 lines (approximately 5 million pixels), selectable PAL or NTSC format,
    Sensitivity better than 0.001 Lux (with DSS wide open), automatic switching dual filtration, digital shutter, partial shading, image automatic switch over, back light compensation, etc.
    Camera is capable of 360° auto rotating, 270° auto tilting.
  • Scatter type high intensity illumination (3Ls - long life, low temperature, LED).
  • Anti-glaring 10.4" LED display, SD memory card of 32G or higher.
  • Utilizing a variable PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and an intelligent Operating System (OS) providing user with useful information such as name of company, date and time, name of handling personnel, detail location of defective pipeline, etc.
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