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Public transport stands for coach, double-decker bus, mini-bus, mass transit railway, train and various types of vessels. For ease of explanation, we shall use the case of double-decker bus air duct cleaning as an example.Air conditioning unit is usually mounted on the roof or adjacent to the engine compartment. Air duct would be running parallel on both sides of the ceiling or as one main central air duct so that treated air would be delivered effectively to all corners of the bus.These ducts are smallish in size and flat in shape and perpendicular bends are not uncommon and is usually not accessible by ordinary robots.

public transport

Based on many years practical double-decker bus air duct cleaning experience, ChaoyodaFlexible Shaft Air Duct Cleaning Machine or i-Blade / Whip (2-in-1) would be the most effective means to tackle the situation with the following unique features:

  • Both can access air ducts with a section of 100mm (W) x 100mm (H) or a diameter of 50mm with ease.
  • Both are soft and flexible and hence can travel in air ducts even with perpendicular bends.
  • Both can use “Direct Dust Suction Method” to extract dirt in air duct which would avoid the use of space required in the “Raised Dust Absorption Method”.
  • Not required to make any new opening on ceiling panel.
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