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The principle of HVAC air supply system for commercial offices and hotel rooms is basically the same, with fresh air supply for each floor and fan coil units for each individual office or hotel room. Fresh air duct runs above the false ceilings along the common corridor whereas individual office or hotel room are being served by fan coil units.Usually the common fresh air duct is larger in size, 500mm (W) x 250mm (H) or above and the air supply duct for individual office or hotel room would be 800mm (W) x 150mm (H).


Consequently, the recommended equipment for the cleaning of air ducts in these premises would be as follows:

  • Common Corridor

Use Chaoyoda “Standard Automatic Cleaning Robot” in conjunction with “i-Collect I” and by way of “Raised Dust Absorption Method”.

  • Individual Office or Hotel Room

Use Chaoyoda “i-Shaft Stage 1 or i-Shaft Stage 2” which would clear all dust accumulated on the air duct by way of “Direct Dust Absorption Method” and without the need to open additional access panels on the air duct.

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