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Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Symphonic will :

  • Conduct pre visual and robotic inspection of the air duct system utilizing a robotic inspection vehicle.
  • Use powerful High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) - filtered collection units that are attached to the air duct system, creating negative pressure that draws debris to the collection unit.
  • Use mechanical agitation and brushing tools work with compressed air-driven whips and tools to dislodge debris on the interior surface of all main and branch supply, return air duct work and flexible ducts.
  • Mount/fit access doors in the ventilation duct work.
  • Thoroughly clean all clogged drip pans; spraying and sterilizing.
  • Conduct post visual and robotic inspection of the mechanical air ventilation system using a robotic inspection vehicle.
  • Provide professional pre & post remediation report with still images and pre & post video of the robotic cleaning exercise.
  • To arrange third party Lab report.

Kitchen Exhaust Air Duct Cleaning

Symphonic will :

  • Clean the internal components of the food service grease exhaust systems. A “green” cleaning product shall be used that creates no EPD recordable waste by-products.All hoods, all connecting duct work, to and including each exhaust fan, in strict accordance with the latest EPD Standards. The work covered consists of furnishing all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision for performing all necessary operations. Service will be in accordance with the following:
    • Remove accumulations of all foreign matter, such as dirt and grease from the exhaust ducts and fans beginning at the hood connection and extending to and including the exit stack. Ducts will be cleaned to bare metal (stubborn non-removable oil stains excepted).
    • Ensure that hoods, all duct work and exhaust will be considered clean if there are no visible accumulations of dirt and grease.
    • Employ only qualified, experienced and well-trained workers who are skilled in performing the requirements of this service contract. They will be physically able to perform the assigned work.
    • Make sure that all de-energizing/energizing of exhaust fans shall be coordinated through client's on-site personnel.
    • To conduct pre visual and robotic inspection of the prescribed EAD utilizing a robotic inspection vehicle.
    • To conduct post visual and robotic inspection of the prescribed EAD utilizinga robotic inspection system.
    • To provide professional pre & post video of the robotic duct cleaning exercises.
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