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Model: GX-08-4C

  • Specially designed for smaller air ducts.

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 350mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 100mm (H)
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Operating Voltage: 24V dc (supplied from i-Box)
  • Power: 135W
  • Operating Range: Standard length 20 meter; can be extended to 100 meter if required.
  • Types and Materials of Air Ducts to be cleaned: Rectangular or round duct made of metal or composite materials.
  • Size of Air Ducts to be cleaned: Height 100mm ~ 400mm (with lateral rolling or rotating brush) x width (no limitation) and if round duct diameter could be 500mm or more.
  • Brush Control: Point position electrical control (auto adjustment of high and low point).
  • Driving Mode: Crawler type only.
  • Critical Performance Parameter: Obstacle crossing > 45mm; climbing capability > 40°
  • Travelling Speed: 0-12 m/min (continuous variable transmission).
  • Video Recording & Illumination: Double front and rear, 620 lines, industrial grade, video color camera. Four (front and rear) scatter type high intensity illumination (3Ls - long life, low temperature, LED).
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